Langzamer rijden om speelveld te sparen

In Noord-Brabant staat sinds kort een snelheidsmeter die ‘brave’ Brabantse burgers beloont voor hun goede rijgedrag. Als je je als automobilist aan de maximumsnelheid houdt, verdien je een paar eurocent. Niet voor jezelf trouwens, maar voor het aanleggen van een speelveld. De eerste locatie waar de snelheidsmeter te vinden is: Helmond.

De komende twee jaar zal de snelheidsmeter in verschillende steden in Brabant te vinden zijn. Momenteel is er een Brabantse campagne bezig om de verkeersveiligheid te verbeteren, waar de ‘snelheidsmeterspaarpot’ dus onderdeel van is. Het is trouwens niet stiekem een manier om een mobiele flitspaal neer te zetten, want volgens een woordvoerder van de campagne zorgt een beloning beter voor gedragsverandering dan een boete. Een apparaat op het speelveld moet uiteindelijk in de straat een blijvende herinnering vormen aan het goede rijgedrag.

De grootste beloning die de automobilisten kunnen verdienen is tien cent. Hiervoor moet de bestuurder echter gedurende het hele traject zich aan de maximumsnelheid houden. Voor de snelheidsmeter zijn op tien plaatsen sensoren geplaatst en de meter begint natuurlijk pas te lopen als de auto onder de maximumsnelheid rijdt. Er zijn al andere gemeenten die aangegeven hebben geïnteresseerd te zijn in de snelheidsmeter. Of Eindhoven hierbij zit is nog niet duidelijk.

Rustiger rijden is niet alleen goed voor het aantal verkeersongevallen, maar dit zal uiteindelijk ook een positief gevolg hebben voor de premie van de autoverzekeringen. Hoe meer ongevallen, hoe meer schades, hoe hoger de premie zal zijn. Om jezelf te verzekeren van de goedkoopste autoverzekering kan je jaarlijks jouw autoverzekering vergelijken op

Vooral voor studenten is een autoverzekering tegenwoordig bijna onbetaalbaar. Dit komt omdat verzekeraars studenten als grootste risicogroep zien, wat in de laatste jaren ook wel uit de onderzoeken is gebleken. Wil je behalve je autoverzekering op nog nog meer vergelijken? Deze website vergelijkt ook zorgverzekeringen, internetabonnementen en energiecontracten. Zeker voor studenten handig om jaarlijks honderden euro’s te besparen.

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Introduction Week: 20-24 August 2018

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~English below~
Are you going to study next academic year in Eindhoven at TU / e, Fontys or the Design Academy? And you also want to get the most out of your student days and also allows students korfball tasty? Then E.S.K.V. Attila what you!! Besides studying, relax: that's what you want! Be it training, do fun activities, (competition)play matches, tournament party experience or a week going on overseas travel: by Attila can you do this! It does not matter if you've never gekorfbald or you since your third do and if you've always played mixed or only women around you. For everyone's place!! so come along during 1 or more of our activities during the introduction! See below. See you at Attila!

Monday 20 August: Limbopad

Tuesday 21 August: Green Carpet Market

Wednesday 22 August: City Tour & Student Life
9:30-17:00, SSC Hockey field 2

Thursday 23 August: Intro Workshops (register at TU / e Intro App. Vol? Mail to
Blok 3, 15:20-16:30, SSC Hockey field 2
Blok 4, 16:50-18:00, SSC Hockey field 2

More information can be found on our Facebook page ( and website ( Also send us an email with your question to

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Are you going to study next year (2018-2019) at the TU Eindhoven, Fontys University of Applied Sciences or the Design Academy Eindhoven? And do you want to experience a great student life? And do you want to do THE typical Dutch sport that is also the only mixed gender teamsport in the world, namely Korfball? Then E.S.K.V. Attila is the right place! At Attila you can participate in our weekly workouts and our great activities, play competitive matches, enjoy the student korfball tournaments in the other Dutch cities and go on our annually board trip! So come and visit us during the Introduction Week! You can visit us at the moments below. See you at Attila!!

Monday 20 August: Limbopad

Tuesday 21 August: Green Strip Market

Wednesday 22 August: City Tour & Student Life
9:30-17:00, SSC Hockeycourt 2

Thursday 23 August: Intro Workshops (subscribe via TU / e Intro App. Full? Then send an e-mail to eskinattila@gmail.cthem)
Block 3, 15:20-16:30, SSC Hockeycourt 2
Block 4, 16:50-18:00, SSC Hockeycourt 2

If you have questions about our association, you can ask them by e-mailing to

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Students build sustainable home

The student team Virtue, a team of 40 Students of Technical University Eindhoven and Fontys, the construction of a "smart home" solar, called completed LINQ. With LINQ they represent the Netherlands in the international construction contest Solar Decathlon. The competition takes place in November in Dubai.

A home solar
LINQ is designed as part-economy for its inhabitants. It is an apartment multistory, includes shared facilities like a kitchen and a gym. The team will build the upper house of the complex during the match in Dubai. This home has a covered roof with solar panels: these solar panels have a slightly inclined angle, so the energy yield is up, and also provides the angle for shade and coolness in the building.

Solar energy and save
The growing trends in the world, is green energy, For example, solar energy, more and more important. Also saving energy is important. Not only for the environment, but also for the wallet. Thanks to Compare Gas water light You can save hundreds of euros and opt for sustainable energy contract.

Energy in and around your home
A good idea is a critical look at energy consumption. Lighting is generally a big energy consumer. The lights turn off on time can all save tens of euros per year on energy bills also devices like an electric boiler or American fridge handle energy involve hundreds of euros per year.

Easily compare your energy provider
Via website compare energy is now even easier. After filling out your specific living situation, immediately following adequate supply. Compare well is soon to 200 euro be saved annually on energy bills.

Opening LINQ
On 4 June, During the Dutch Technology Week, Linq-house will be officially opened, at the TU / e campus in Eindhoven. During this week there are various activities in the home. Friday and Saturday, the house open to the public.

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4×4 tournament on Thursday 14 June


Thursday 14 June the weather so far: The annual tournament 4x4 Attila!!! on this night as there 19.30 h weather played this fun tournament on the artificial turf of the SSC.

For those who basically do not know yet:
You play 4 against 4 1 box 1 basket (in 1 ball :p). There should MAXIMUM A korfball player standing in the field. The other 3 therefore NO korfballers. This tournament was a great success with lots of fun every year, so make sure you do it.

A team can consist of friends, girlfriends, roommates and classmates. You can enter your team name and team via If you can not arrange team, you can sign up individually. There is one team you wanted where you can at, so you can still socialize with!

Give your appearance Sunday 10 June,!!

Hopefully the 14th all!:)


The 28th Board of E.S.K.V. Attila 'Flavoriet, Ball through the basket, beer in hand. "


Attila the IJcup

went last weekend 11 Attilianen to the capital of our country to visit since the IJcup. Saturday night we partied very hard, but also cleaned our housewife outfit. Sunday we were tied to our blind dates after a good breakfast. With korfball of Gotcha, Pole Central, Amsterdam and Erasmus we played our games in 3 teams. 1 team it even reached the final and another team won the mega beer pong without beer price performance! We therefore look back on a very cool tournament!!WhatsApp Image 2018-05-13 at 16.26.49  

Society Party Wednesday 2 May

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-15 at 12.54.36

~~ For English see below ~~
For years fighting the three sexiest sports among themselves about who can seduce each other the best interaction points. This will rise to a peak during the hottest party of the year!
Sports Festival presenteert: Temptation island "With the ball you go to bed tonight?"

The deceivers will show their true nature as fighting erupts. The mutual competition will not only be in looks but also performance assessed. There is of course only one association excel.

So grab your (man / bi)kini but stuck in and travel to a night to remember!

From 21:00it will be warmed up with a delicious welcome drink and the golden delight will take over. Of course with the added boost TWO free casks!!
Dus be prepared! € Take two, and enjoy a very tropical feast!

Sweet kisses,
E.S.Z.V. Oktopus, E.S.V.V. Pusphaira one E.S.K.V. Attila

For years the three most sexy sports have battled to seduce each other. This battle will reach its peak during the sexiest party of the year.
Sports Festival presents: Temptation Island "Which ball will you sleep with tonight?"

As the battle rages, the seducers will show their true colors. The competitors will not only be judged on looks, but on performance as well. Only one of the associations can stand out.

So put on your (man / bi)kini and come to cafe Sante for a night to remember!

From 21:00 you can enjoy a delicious welcome drink, after which the pleasure of partying will take over. To provide an extra boost, there will be TWO free kegs of beer!!

Be prepared! Bring €2 and enjoy a tropical party

Hot Kisses,
E.S.Z.V. Oktopus, E.S.V.V. Pusphaira one E.S.K.V. Attila

Kandidaatsbestuur 2017-2018


The candidate board 2017-2018 der E.S.K.V. Attila is known and will make them like public! At the AGM in early October this group hopes the 27th Board of E.S.K.V. Attila ‘3 X 3 X 3, be able to follow all good things come in triplicate ". But who are these well Attilianen who have to be? New, it is these people who are applying:

Chairman: Pieter Rikken
Secretary & Competition Secretary: Noor van Leeuwen
Treasurer: Twan Muntjewerff

In a year in which Attila more is being heard!

Society Party Oktopus, Pusphair most Attila


E.S.Z.V. Oktopus, E.S.V.V. Pusphaira one E.S.K.V. Attila have beaten back forces after a year of silence to create a great feast for you in the Santé.

Wednesday 15 March (right, voices that day!) We go under the guise of "We are not politically correct here, So misbehave and you lose your self-respect" a student-way to celebrate the election."Dress your network, be a slut" should provide enough inspiration for an outfit, So let your creativity only in loose.

From 21.00 hours you are greeted with a welcome drink. For the early birds among us, first barrel is free!

Those who see you then!

Admission is € 2, -.