Tournament organizers 2015


This year our tournament committee consists of 6 people, who will introduce themselves below:

Arjanne Sturm, chairmanFoto Arjanne 2

Hi There!
My name is Arjanne Sturm, this year’s chairman (chairwoman, haha) of the Attila tournament organisation.
Since this year, I am half of a student. In June 2014 I graduated as a teacher. Now I work as a teacher a few days a week and besides that I still study to be physical education teacher.
This is my sixth year as a member of E.S.K.V. Attila and the tournament of 2015 will be my fifth Attila tournament. All of the tournaments were amazing and in my Attila career, I absolutely had to organise this great happening!!!!!
I’m really looking forward to the tournament, and can’t wait to see you all!



Tom van Lochem, contact teamsParty pic Tom

Hi guys,
My name is Tom, I’m 26 years old and I’ve been around for quite some time. I’m in the final year of my studies (finally) and at the moment I am doing my graduation project for both the Science and Technology of Nuclear Fusion and the Mechanical Engineering departments. This year will be my eighth Attila Tournament and some of you other frequent visitors might remember me from previous years or perhaps the 2010 tournament, when I was also in the committee. This year I will again be your team contact in the committee, which means that you can always come to me with any questions. I will also take care of the finances of the tournament, so expect me to come asking you for money. Let’s finish with my motto for the tournament: more beer is more better!



Mara de KoningMara

My name is Mara de Koning. This will be my first time in the organisation of the Attila tournament, and the 4th time I am at a Attila tournament. The first time was in 2009. I’m really looking forward to be in the organisation and make this tournament as good as every year! I’m not really a student anymore, but I like to act like one. Hope to see you all!





Lisa PaulLisa

Hi, I’m Lisa and I study Communication at Fontys Hogeschool. This is my first year at Attila, and the first time I’m part of the organisation of the Attila tournament. Unfortunately, I’ve never been to this tournament but I heard a lot of amazing stories, so I hope we can have a great party weekend! We hope to make the 33rd tournament as awesome as all the other years!





Arjan KalfsbeekFoto Arjan

Hi folks, my name is Arjan Kalfsbeek, last year’s chairman of the Attila tournament organisation. Although I’m in my eigth year at the university, currently a master Architecture, it’s my second year at Attila. Due to the amazing stories, with regards to the tournament, I decided to become part of the organization to make the 2015 edition at least as legendary as the previous ones (I guess they were amazing, though?). Looking forward to see you all in Eindhoven this April.





Rob VerschoorRob2

Hey y’all!
My name is Rob, and my fellow crewmembers and I are gonna organise another amazing Attila tournament for you this year! Hopefully, the pitches and pubs of Eindhoven will be crowded with korfball players from all over Europe (and beyond?). I’m looking forward to see you all in April; let’s make some everlasting memories together!