Tournament organizers 2014

A short message and a picture of the organizers of the 32nd tournament:

Chairman: Arjan

TC arjan

Hi folks, my name is Arjan Kalfsbeek, this year’s chairman of the Attila tournament organization. Although I’m in my seventh year at the university, currently a master Architecture, it’s my first year at Attila. Due to the amazing stories, with regards to the tournament, I decided to become part of the organization to make the 2014 edition at least as legendary as the previous ones (I guess they were amazing, though?). Looking forward to see you all in Eindhoven this April.

See ya, Arjan

Treasurer: Jelle


Hi people,

My name is Jelle Ridders. I study sports & education at Fontys Sporthogeschool.My task this tournament is Treasurer. This is my first year at Attila.I want in the organization because I heard great stories about the tournament. I hope that it will be a great tournament combined with King’s day, let’s make a great party!

Teams contact: Jan

Hi all,

My name is Jan Donkers and this will be the third time I’m organizing the Attila tournament. This year I am the contact teams, so if you have any questions regarding the tournament you can come to me. I’m a fifth year Mechanical Engineering student and this is also my fifth year with Attila. I’m really looking forward to the tournament, and can’t wait to see you all!



All round: Vincent

Hi There, I’m Vincent and this is the 2nd time I’m part of the organization of the Attila tournament. Last time was 4 years ago so maybe some will remember it/me! Last year I sadly couldn’t be there because I was abroad but this year we will make a great tournament again! On top of everything even the king decided to celebrate his birthday this Saturday so we have to drink another beer just cause it’s his birthday!

See you in Eindhoven!

All round: Koen

Koen (1)

Greetings, fellow korfball lovers/fanatics/admirers!

My name is Koen, and I’m one of the people that gonna give you an awesome tournament this year! Since this year the tournament will be during King’s Day (and Night), there are a lot of very cool party’s that we’re going to guide you through so that you can experience King’s Day in Eindhoven style 😉 Besides that of course, there’ll be a lot of fun matches and people to be around. My job will be all round committee member which you can ask anything during the tournament. Hope you guys are looking forward to it, I definitely am!

Long Live The King!