BEST Eindhoven is no more... April 2014

The Local BEST Group in Eindhoven has always been a small LBG. While at any given time, we only had a few members, those students have always been able to organise very interesting courses, go on a lot of trip themselves and most importantly, fulfil the duties and expectations from the international BEST organisation.

In the last few years however, our membership numbers dropped even further, to the point where we were no longer able to regularly organise Summer Courses. It is with great sadness that we decided, after twenty-five years, to offer our resignation as a Local BEST Group.

Please note that, even though LBG Eindhoven is no more, BEST as a whole is still going strong; many dozens of other LBGs continue the BEST network. If you are a student in Eindhoven, think the idea of BEST is awesome and want to revive LBG Eindhoven, that is most certainly a possibility! Please visit for more information about BEST or email if you would like more information about how to create a new Local BEST Group.

Summer Course Eindhoven Summer 2012

This summer, we as LBG Eindhoven are going to organize a Summer Course. Around 20 technical students from all over Europe are coming together in Eindhoven. We provide them a study related day programme and a joyful evening/night programme. All (international) TU/e students are also welcome to join this event. If you want more information, please contact us.

Regional Meeting 30 March - 1 April 2012 (tentative)

Do you want to know more about BEST and our international activities? We as LBG Eindhoven are looking for people to join us to go to Belgium. The only criterion is that you need to be a student at the TU/e, no prior knowledge or BEST involvement is needed.
Deadline: not yet set, but first-come first-served.

Welcome! 10 February 2012

As BEST Eindhoven we want to WELCOME all the new international exchange students. Come and see our BEST group and join our activities. You can follow us from our website, Facebook or Twitter.

Connect with my culture 12 December 2011

We as BEST were asked to promote the Dutch stand during the TU/e "Connect with my culture" event. More than 17 different countries were presenting their culture. And for the record, Dutch culture is not just pepernoten, stroopwafels, drop and stamppot. More information and pictures on Facebook.

Sangria PARTY! 23 and 25 August 2011

We will have two Sangria Parties on 23th & 25th August starting at 19.00 at the Bunker. Do not forget it is totally FREE Sangria! Join us and have fun!

Welcome! 18 August 2011

As BEST Eindhoven we want to WELCOME all the new Master, Bachelor and Erasmus students of TUe. Come and see our BEST group and join our activities. You can follow us from here, Facebook or Twitter.

New Webpage is online! 11 August 2011

Our new webpage is online! You can find all up-to-date information you need here.

Windsurfing 9 June 2011

We are planning to go windsurfing for one day somewhere in The Netherlands. It will be a great day where you can learn how to do this sport and of course a nice opportunity to just chill, relax and meet new people.

Interested to join? Send us an email!

Time to apply for an Autumn Course ! 16 May 2011

It's time to apply to the Autumn Courses!!! The deadline for application is 22/05/2011. To apply, you can register on and then find the course you like and wrote a motivation letter. Then contact with us to validate your account or just send an e-mail for further information. Check the video for the autumn course and you will see your options and what you may be missing by not participating. It is the chance to have fun after summer, plan your autumn NOW and APPLY!!!

Apply now! BEST Summer Course 2011! 1 March 2011

BEST offers 56 unforgettable courses in summer 2011. You can be part of this great experience! Check out the list of courses right now and apply. The deadline is 20th of March. You can choose up to 3 events to apply to. What are waiting for? Apply!

Interested to join? Send us an email!

Congratulations new Board! 25 February 2011

BEST Eindhoven proudly presents, the new board of 2011!

President - Onur Okutman
Secretary - Mark Kleijnen
Treasurer/HR - Sander van Gameren
PR - Vitali Habif