Quatsh entry Van Lint Sportweek

Quatsh has signed up to participate in several tournaments during the Van Lint sportweek. No less then 7 tournaments will be contested:

Dodgeball, thursday december the 17th at 17:30
Unihockey, thursday december the 17th at 17:30
Knotsball, wednesday december the 16th at 21:00
Indoor football, wednesday december the 16th at 21:00
Pingpong, tuesday december the 15th at 18:30
Bumperball, monday december the 14th at 21:00
Badminton, monday december the 14th at 21:00

If you want to meet Quatsh or participate, sign up at info@quatsh.nl or using the Quatsh Facebook page.


On the 4th of January, reigning Dutch national champion and World No.42 Milou van der Heijden will give a Masterclass squash to members of Quatsh! This is a great opportunity to receive tips about your game from a pro, and watch a pro in action!
You can subscribe to this event on Facebook, or by sending an email to the board (bestuur@quatsh.nl).

Milou van der Heijden

Anniversary Tournament

On december the 19th, the ‘Kleine Kompetitie’ is organising their anniversary tournament. Quatsh have been competitors in this league for several years with several teams, so a strong showing of Quatsh members would be most welcome. For more information see:

League has started

October the third, league matches have started for the 4 Quatsh teams. The teams will compete in poules 1, 2 and 3 of the ‘kleine kompetitie’.

Home games are on 17-10-2015, 21-11-2015, 28-11-2015 and 12-12-2015 at the sports centre in Eindhoven. Feel free to come and watch the matches and cheer on the teams!

Quatsh Open 2015

Start the new Season with our Quatsh Open 2015! Saturday September 12. 2015 Quatsh organises its yearly tournament for players of all levels.

Like other years the venue will be SquashTime (Vijfkamplaan 22, Eindhoven). From 10:00 am tot 5:00 pm you can participate. Afterwards we will all dine together at the venue. Entrance-fee is set at € 12,50.

Do you want to participate in this event? Pleae send us an email at toernooi@quatsh.nl, in which you list your name and level.

Poster Quatsh Open 2015_klein

Quatsh on Facebook

ESSRV Quatsh now can be found on Facebook as well. Quatsh-members can apply to become members of this closed Facebook group by applying at ESSRV Quatsh. This group will be used to talk about squash and other related topics, but also to inform members of new events and give them the oppertunity to apply for these events.