Final standings second period league

After the second period of the league, the Quatsh competition teams have reached the following final standings:

-Quatsh 1 has failed to become champion for the third time in a row in group one of the Saturday league. Aprés Squash from Gemert won the title by a margin of a single point.

-Quatsh 2 has reached a well deserved second place  in group 4 of the Friday league. Only the senior team 5 tinten grijs (5 shades of grey) managed to stay ahead of them.

-Quatsh 3 has finished third in group 2 of the Saturday league.

-Quatsh 4 has managed to finished fifth in group 2 of the Saturday league.

-Quatsh 5 has, after been promoted to group 1 of the Saturday league, had a difficult second half of the season. Despite their best efforts they finished last in group 1 of the Saturday league.

-Quatsh 6 has, after been relegated from group 6 of the Friday league, managed to win the title in group 7 of the Friday league. On a thrilling final match-day, they managed to stay ahead of Squash and Fit 7 with a narrow margin of only 2 points.

Be sure to check out the trophy cabinet for pictures of the teams and their prices.


Final standings after period 1 of the league

After the first period of the “kleine kompetitie” the final standings are published and teams face promotion/relegation. Quatsh performed as follows:

Quatsh 1 continues where it ended and remains number 1 in group 1 on the Saturday.

Quatsh 2 ends just above the relegation zone and remains in group 4 on the Friday.

Quatsh 3 ends 4th in group 2 on the Saturday and manages to keep Quatsh 4 well behind them. Strongest team in this group is Quatsh 5, whom, with relative ease, wins the group and is promoted to group 1.

Debutant team Quatsh 6 ends second to last in group 6 on the Friday and is relegated to group 7.

Interesting will be to see how teams 5 and 6 will perform in their new groups and if the other teams can manage to finish with a higher ranking in their groups in the second period. For it is in this period that the prices are awarded. To be continued…

Results first round league matches

After the first round of the “kleine kompetitie” the Quatsh teams so far have achieved the following:

In poule 6 on Friday, the new team Quatsh 6 has scored 4 out of 30 potential points. This results in a 7th and for now last place. Luckily there is ample room for improvement.

In poule 4 on Friday, Quatsh 2 has scored 20 points. This results in a 3rd place ranking, 7 points behind the leader. Possibly there is a title to be won here?

In poule 2 on Saturday, the rivalry between Quatsh teams is great. Quatsh 4 scores 7 points, Quatsh 3 scores 21 points and Quatsh 5 scores a massive 26 points. This results in a 4th, 2nd and 1st place for these teams.

Finally, in poule 1 on Saturday, Quatsh 1 scores no less then 28 points and are currently ranked where they ended last year; first place.

Quatsh shirts now available


The shirts are made from a lightweight, quick drying and moisture regulating fabric. They cost 25 euros a piece: a bargain for a good shirt with a trendy print on it in the cool colour Curacao blue!

shirt-achter shirt-voor

Quatsh Open 2016 Great Success

On Sunday the 18th of September, Squashtime Eindhoven hosted the Quatsh Open.

The tournament was a great success. A field of 20 contenders resulted in an exciting finale.

In this final, our own Rob Schoren beat Balázs Károlyi from Tilburg. Rodrigo Mendoza, also from ESSRV Quatsh, managed to grap third place.

Have a quick look at the photos for an impression.

Quatsh Open 2016

14114909_1083121665069831_3855937559690100359_oIt is time! To commence the new school year, you can join the Quatsh Open 2016! Of course, this is a tournament for everyone. Like previous years, this year it will be help in SquashTime inclusive a meal and a lot of fun! You can sign up by joining this facebook event, mailing or via Sjef from SquashTime. If you prefer a certain playing level, please let us know. Costs are €12.50 pp. Sign ups close on 16 september so sign up fast!

Open training sessions 05-09-2016 – 20:30-21:30







On 05-09-2016 at 20:30 until 21:30 E.S.S.R.V. Quatsh will organise an open training session.

Learn more about squash and the club E.S.S.R.V. Quatsh. The open training is for everyone, so also for non-members. No subscription is required, simply turn, we will provide rackets and balls.
Come and meet us!



Training is commencing

The new training season will start on Monday 29-08-2016. Training will be given on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Click on the header training to see the composition of the training groups and the training times.

On the calendar you can see which days training will be given and on which days there will be no training.

Boosters Tournament – may the 1st

Sunday the first of may, SSV de Boosters from Nijmegen organise an open tournament. The tournament starts at 10:00 and will finish at approximately 17:00 at the squashcourts of the Nijmegen University Sportscenter. The tournament comes with an organised lunch. Main prize in each category will be a racket, made possible by

Entree fee is €5,- for Boosters members and €10,- for non-members. Subscribing can be done by sending an email to Don’t forget to mention if you are a beginning, averaged skilled or advanced skilled player and whether there are any dietary concerns regarding your lunch. There is a maximum number of subsriptions (32), so subscribe quickly!

Racketlon Tournament

On  May the 1st, Racketlon Nederland is organising a first national racketlon tournament for students.  In case you are unfamiliar with racketlon, it is a multidisciplinary contest consisting of ping pong, badminton, squash and tennis. The tournament will take place at the Stadjershal in Groningen. It would be nice if a team from Eindhoven would compete as well. Subscriptions can be done via this link on Racketlon Toernooi

Studentenracketlon 2016