Interested in doing more then just play squash with Quatsh? Have a look at the committies available to put in some extra effort for the club.

Quatsh Open

Committie responsible for hosting the Quatsh Open, the annual open tournament for members and non-members. Current committie members: Jan-Pieter Chan, Joost Hamelink, Rob Schoren.


Committie responsible for hosting social events. Often these events are tied into playing squash, but also involve barbeque’s and bowling evenings. Current committie members: vacant.


Committie responsible for mainting the website. Current committie members: Ramses Rongen.


Committie responsible for exerting financial control over the board. This committie is appointed by the members of the club. Current committie members: Dennis Meertens, Joost Hamelink, Ramses Rongen

Van Lint

Although formally not a real committie, every year Quatsh needs a few members to organise the Van Lint sportsteams. You inform the members about the available sports, form the competing teams and fulfill the needed subscriptions. Current committie members: vacant.