Final standings after period 1 of the league

After the first period of the “kleine kompetitie” the final standings are published and teams face promotion/relegation. Quatsh performed as follows:

Quatsh 1 continues where it ended and remains number 1 in group 1 on the Saturday.

Quatsh 2 ends just above the relegation zone and remains in group 4 on the Friday.

Quatsh 3 ends 4th in group 2 on the Saturday and manages to keep Quatsh 4 well behind them. Strongest team in this group is Quatsh 5, whom, with relative ease, wins the group and is promoted to group 1.

Debutant team Quatsh 6 ends second to last in group 6 on the Friday and is relegated to group 7.

Interesting will be to see how teams 5 and 6 will perform in their new groups and if the other teams can manage to finish with a higher ranking in their groups in the second period. For it is in this period that the prices are awarded. To be continued…