Final standings second period league

After the second period of the league, the Quatsh competition teams have reached the following final standings:

-Quatsh 1 has failed to become champion for the third time in a row in group one of the Saturday league. Aprés Squash from Gemert won the title by a margin of a single point.

-Quatsh 2 has reached a well deserved second place  in group 4 of the Friday league. Only the senior team 5 tinten grijs (5 shades of grey) managed to stay ahead of them.

-Quatsh 3 has finished third in group 2 of the Saturday league.

-Quatsh 4 has managed to finished fifth in group 2 of the Saturday league.

-Quatsh 5 has, after been promoted to group 1 of the Saturday league, had a difficult second half of the season. Despite their best efforts they finished last in group 1 of the Saturday league.

-Quatsh 6 has, after been relegated from group 6 of the Friday league, managed to win the title in group 7 of the Friday league. On a thrilling final match-day, they managed to stay ahead of Squash and Fit 7 with a narrow margin of only 2 points.

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