Results first round league matches

After the first round of the “kleine kompetitie” the Quatsh teams so far have achieved the following:

In poule 6 on Friday, the new team Quatsh 6 has scored 4 out of 30 potential points. This results in a 7th and for now last place. Luckily there is ample room for improvement.

In poule 4 on Friday, Quatsh 2 has scored 20 points. This results in a 3rd place ranking, 7 points behind the leader. Possibly there is a title to be won here?

In poule 2 on Saturday, the rivalry between Quatsh teams is great. Quatsh 4 scores 7 points, Quatsh 3 scores 21 points and Quatsh 5 scores a massive 26 points. This results in a 4th, 2nd and 1st place for these teams.

Finally, in poule 1 on Saturday, Quatsh 1 scores no less then 28 points and are currently ranked where they ended last year; first place.